Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day 6

Today went to visit an orphanage and the kids were very excited to see us! We checked their vitals and we had just under 200 children from babies to teenagers. We took their weight, blood pressure, temperature, and then each person was seen by a doctor for further evaluation. The doctors would then prescribe medicines and any vitamins they would possibly need. All the medications and vitamins are free to the orphanage kids which is profited by International Medical Aid. Later in the evening, a few others and myself went to the ER. Had the opportunity in assisting to set up an IV as well as pronouncing our first death. Was not a very pleasant moment, but nothing either one of us could have done because the hospital has very very few monitors. We only saw one in the ER. It is very tough to see how bad the medical care and medical professionals are here in Africa. But to an extent, they have so little, and the patients are just left to suffer for no reason. Definitely makes you realize how well off we are in the States and how precious life can really be.

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